A FUEL CELL FOR EVERY HOME: THAT’S THE IDEA. BUT THERE ARE A FEW OBSTACLES IN THE WAY                     At the nuvera fuel cells lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 25-year-old chemical engineer Darryl Pollica stands in front of a prototype 5-kilowatt fuel cell — a miniature powerplant […]

Electrical energy is normally generated through heat, motion, nuclear transformation, or chemical reactions, but now scientists at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland have devised a new method that involves mechanical vibrations. They figured out how to “harvest” the vibrational energy that occurs naturally when two surfaces with different work functions are connected via electrodes, […]

Thorium Car: Re-fuel once a lifetime If anything has yet to peek your curiosity in the tech news recently, the Thorium car should. Many types of hybrid cars have been on the rise recently, some running on electricity, bio-diesel, while some enginesĀ even go as far as to run onĀ air or water. The Thorium car is […]