Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. develops innovative breakthrough technology with the world’s first hydrogen reactor for production of unlimited hydrogen; reactor uses water as main fuel and is 100% carbon free! “Endless fuel from water…” Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2014 – Menlo Park based technology firm Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. ( today announced that […]

BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces Sustained Production of Electricity Using Photovoltaic Conversion of the Millions of Watts of Brilliant Plasma Formed by the Reaction of Water to a More Stable Form of Hydrogen CRANBURY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlackLight Power, Inc. today announces that it achieved sustained electricity production from a primary new energy source by using photovoltaic technology […]

We’ve already seen some wind turbines designed to float offshore, but Canadian startup Magenn Power has some ideas of its own for getting wind power off the ground and, judging by its latest tests, it seems to be making some considerable progress. Its solution, dubbed the Magenn Air Rotor System (or MARS), is designed to […]

The Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator Created by Andre Broessel, a German architect inspired by his daughter’s toy marbles, the Rawlemon design uses a spherical lens to concentrate sunlight on a small photovoltaic panel and combines this with a dual-axis pivot that tracks the movement of the sun. According to the designer the transparent sphere […]